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AMPL Surged 70% After Becoming Part Of AAve’s Lending System

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AMPL surged 70% in 2 days after Ampleforth became a part of AAve’s lending system so let’s read more in our latest altcoin news today.

Ampleforth is the algorithmic stablecoin that has an elastic supply and was introduced in Aave’s lending ecosystem. While most of the stablecoins have a stable peg, Ampleforth is doing things a little differently. It is designed in a way where the algorithm chases a target price and readjusts the supply. If the price is above the target, the total supply will increase and vice-versa so if the current price is below the target, the supply will shrink.

The way this can impact the holders is quite interesting. AMPL addresses see the overall amount of token they have changed based on the current rebase which takes place every 24 hours. In other words, the number of AMPL they hold can be different every 24 hours depending on the price of the crypto. In an announcement made a few hours ago, Ampleforth revealed that AMPL is a part of the AAve lending platform and all users can lend and borrow it on Aave. This had some interesting implications given the dynamic supply change and because of the technicalities and lending pools.

The main takeaway is that however holds AMPL during the rebase period, it is the wallet with AMPL and since all of the wallets that hold it experience rebases equally, the wallet which holds the rebase is the one that will get the rebase. In Aave there are pools and they are made up of people that lend their AMPLs to the pool to be borrowed. All of the borrowers take AMPL from the pool and get the rebase which is a utilization of the AMPL in the pool. If there’s a utilized one, it means that a user can hold some and another user can hold some so they will get whatever amount of rebasing as per the amount held.

AMPL surged 70% as it became a part of Aave and the lenders became a part of the pool so any of it not borrowed and leftover ampl In the pool rebase, it goes to the people that lent their ampl to the pool. The team also said that this is good for both AAve and Ampleforth as for the entire Defi industry in general because there’s a lot of demand for borrowing.

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