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PlayBoy Turns Its Classic Centerfolds Into Non-Fungible Tokens

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Playboy turns its classic centerfolds into NFT after the partnership with Nifty Gateway that will bring more artwork getting teaser releases of classic magazine imagery so let’s find out more in our crypto news.

Playboy will release the crypto artwork collectibles as NFTs via Nifty Gateway and the brand will enter the library of classic magazine imagery by launching new collaborations with modern artists. The iconic lifestyle magazine announced today that it will launch digital collectibles in the form of blockchain-based NFTs via a partnership with the Winklevoss-owned Nifty Gateway.

Playboy ceased regular print publication a year ago and now plans to tap into its 67-year archive of classic photography as well as to collaborate with modern artists on fresh creations and sell as crypto-collectibles. The brand intends to start offerings grants to support emerging artists that are entering the NFT community. The NFTs represent any type of digital item like artwork and animated images with video clips. The tokenized digital artwork and collectibles are scarce and can be authenticated via immutable blockchain technology. the collectors are then able to resell the artwork on the marketplaces while the original artists still receive a share of the sales.

The first Playboy NFT drop will feature the artwork of Mike Slimesunday Parisella who was a collaborator and artist known for his erotic style. Parisella is already in the NFT space as he sold artwork via the SuperRare marketplace and hosted a podcast on FNTs. Playboy announced a June launch with artist Blake Kathryn who is also already established in the NFT crypto art space. The announcement calls out classic magazine imagery from artists like Pablo Picasso, Keith Haring, Andy Warhol, and Salvador Dali. The press release suggests that the brand’s longer-term plans with the NFT platform are to enter its library of cartoons, photography, and artwork.

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As recently reported, The artist M.I.A announced an NFT art series with the first drop coming this Thursday on Foundation. The piece is called “GIFTY 1” and is a part of a collection called NFT Garage Dance while also planning a new follow-up called “Kala COYN.” The non-fungible tokens are specialized units of cryptocurrency that can be attached to files and sold online on specialized marketplaces.

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