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Russia Received The Biggest BTC Miners Shipment Ever

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Russia received the biggest BTC miners shipment ever with 20,000 mining devices entering the country as per a report that we have In our latest Bitcoin news.

The shipment of 20,000 mining devices was imported in Russia recently with a total capacity of 70 MW, Russia received the biggest mining device shipment ever as the buyer had permission at a high level to deploy the mining center.

Just recently, 20,000 BTC mining machines worth about $60 million were imported and deployed in Russia’s Irkutsk region as per the CEO Igor Runets who is the data center operator at BitRiver revealed. According to the Runets, it took about 14 trucks to deliver the mining equipment with the capacity of 70 MW at the end of December. The miners were shipped to Bratsk to a Tier 3 data center which means a high level of equipment, was deployed in a special hanger so all miners came from Asia but Reuters refused to disclose more information about the devices’ producer or any other technical specification.

The head of the Six-nines data center in Sweden Sergey Troshin said that shipment most likely contained Bitcoin ASIC miners with a market price of $2000 to $3000 so the deal could have reached about $60 million. Some experts noted that this was likely the biggest shipment ever made for Bitcoin miners to Russia. Troshin also noted that the buyer “has unspoken permission at a high level to mine” because the industry Is now in a gray area in the country. While mining is excluded from the law “on digital financial assets” its status can change in the near future.

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However, the CEO of LAZM Filipp Modnov, explained that the local mining facilities operate in a way that allows them to comply with the current laws:

“We are aware of the structure of our colleagues’ business model, which is similar to our own. It does not imply the receipt of cryptocurrencies on the territory of the Russian Federation, therefore, no special permits are required. Customers/investors receive calculations abroad from a data center in Russia (export of computing power). Similarly, the cryptocurrency appears abroad too.”

He added that these data centers are utilizing the existing infrastructure as foreign pools send tasks to the local serves and get results abroad. This way the local data centers provide their computational power as a service so they can operate in Russia without issues.

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