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Wozniak’s WOZX Token Doubles In Price Overnight: Report

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Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak’s WOZX token has just doubled overnight, hitting a high of $2.77 as we are seeing some more in the latest altcoin news today.

The Efforce crypto token under the WOZX sign hit a new high of $2.77 on December 8 after trading as low as $1.32 on December 7. Wozniak’s WOZX token is a new cryptocurrency that is a week old but its price is headed in a promising direction as we can see in our news. The Efforce token under the WOZX symbol hit a new high of $2.77 on the HBTC exchange where it launched exclusively on December 3. Yesterday, however, it lounged as low as $1.32 with a current price of $2.47. Efforce is a blockchain-based project co-founded by Steve Wozniak which allows people to invest in “energy efficiency projects by acquiring tokenized future savings” according to the information from the website.

WOZX 24-hour Price Chart (Source: Coingecko)

It costs a lot of money to create buildings or processes more energy-efficient but by purchasing the tokens, all WOZX buyers will essentially invest in such projects. Contributors will get rewards in the form of energy savings and tokens which they can do whatever they want with them. the token is available on the Singapore-based HBTC exchange and is paired with the Tether stablecoin which means it is not available to US investors just yet. The token is set to hit Bithumb Global this month as well.

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WOZX 7-Day Price Chart (Source: Coingecko)

Efforce boasted on Friday that WOZX had a $950 million market cap in a few minutes of the HBTC listing. CoinGecko put the market cap closer to $45 million while the total number of limited to 1 billion and the company said no more will be minted.

According to the company’s whitepaper, Efforce is a blockchain-based energy-saving trading platform which brings together anyone that wants to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings with a contributors pool that will be interested in getting tokens as payment that will represent the energy savings achieved. In other words, WOZX is given to anyone that will take part in Efforce’s energy-saving initiatives and all holders can take part in decision-making processes involving the Efforce platform as well

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